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It was all joy when eight of the trainees at Hope Training Institute completed their training and successfully graduated on September 24, 2022. The graduating class was made up of four boys and four girls. Three were trained in leatherworks, three in sewing, one in hairdressing and one in auto mechanics.

Family members and friends of the graduating trainees, staff of Village of Hope, Board members of Hope Training Institute, benefactors, people from the community, members of the media and the public were all present for the colorful, joyous occasion.

Each trainee received tools, equipment and some money as working capital to help them settle in their communities and begin self-sustaining businesses so they can take care of themselves and their families and not return to the streets.

Items made by the trainees were on display and were available for purchase. Proceeds from the sale of these items go to support Hope Training Institute to acquire materials for the training of the teenagers at the vocational school.

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