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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Dr. Alex Peasah-Koduah, the Medical Director of Hope Christian Hospital, has been appointed to serve at the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana, a statutory body responsible for regulating medical and dental practice in Ghana. By this elevation, Dr. Peasah-Koduah will be at the forefront of helping to guide the medical and dental profession in Ghana and protect the public.

Dr. Peasah-Koduah joined Village of Hope in January 2012 as a Medical Officer at Hope Community Clinic. His excellent leadership helped to grow the small out-patient clinic into a 76- bed capacity hospital that serves more than twenty thousand patients a year from four counties in Ghana and beyond. He led in the transformation of the small Hope Community Clinic into Hope Christian Hospital which has many departments and units for the care of patients, including being one of the very few hospitals in the country with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Through the years, he rose to become the Medical Director of Hope Christian Hospital and eventually became the Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

Dr. Alex Peasah-Koduah, in addition to his academic and professional qualifications as a medical doctor, has a Master of Public Health degree from Walden University, USA and a Master of Science in Clinical Leadership and Management degree from the University of Ghana. He has also completed studies for the award of a Master of Studies in Practical Ethics at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. His academic credentials and professional preparation and experience uniquely qualify him to serve the medical profession in a higher role. It was therefore no surprise when the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana, in its quest to better guide the medical profession and protect the public, officially wrote to request that Dr. Peasah-Koduah be released to the Council to augment and strengthen its staff.

Dr. Alex Peasah-Koduah begins the next phase of his professional life of service with the blessings and prayers of the entire Village of Hope family. We are confident that God will continue to bless him and use him to improve medical and dental practice in Ghana and beyond.

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