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Caring for Children in the North

In October 2020, our child care ministries expanded when Village of Hope took over the management of the Church of Christ Children’s Home, now called Hope Children's Place. The home, located in Bongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana, was established by the Village church of Christ in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA in 2006.

After 14 years of funding and running the children’s home, the Village church of Christ decided to hand over the Home’s administration to Village of Hope to ensure its effective and efficient running for years to come.  The Boards of the Village of Hope and the Oversight Elders, in both Ghana and the USA, agreed to Village of Hope taking over the running of the Church of Christ Children’s Home in Bongo.

We are excited to give hope to many more children through this addition to our ministries. Many children have been helped to get a better life over the years and Village of Hope is carrying the torch on. The Village church of Christ will continue to provide some support for the care of the children at Hope Children's Place but the work is quite expansive and the needs are so great that much more help is needed to support the numerous needy and destitute children in the region.

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