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Mrs. Josephine Nyako served as the first Matron (Head Nurse/Director of Nursing Services) of Hope Christian Hospital. She joined Hope Christian Hospital after retiring from a similar position at The Trust Hospital in Accra. She worked with Hope Christian Hospital for 12 years before proceeding on her second retirement.

Mrs. Nyako and Dr. Alex Peasah-Koduah (former Medical Director of HCH) formed a great team that completely transformed the small Hope Community Clinic into what it is today: a fully-fledged hospital that serves patients from four counties and beyond.

Josephine Nyako had a special talent in training and developing people. She took the young nurses who came to work at Hope Christian Hospital under her wings and trained them both on and off the job to become better professionals and better people. Her influence extended far beyond the nurses to the staff of the hospital and other members of the Village of Hope community. Interestingly, almost everyone on the Village of Hope campus called her Maa Josephine, for she was a mother to all doctors, nurses, staff, children and patients, etc. She was the people's mother.

On Friday; April 26, 2024, a sendoff ceremony was held at the hospital to bid her farewell. It was attended by many people, including former staff of the hospital. Many testimonies were given in honor of Josephine. People testified about her kindness, generosity, patience and exceptional leadership skills. Citations and gifts poured in from both far and near to show appreciation for her impact on people's lives. She has spent a lifetime giving health to people. Join us in praying for her, for God to bless her with long life filled with good health in the years ahead.

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