Hope Christian Academy

Quick Facts

Non-Teaching Staff                   

  • Administration: 6

  • Drivers: 3

  • Janitors: 3

  • Catering Staff: 7

  • Health Aide: 1


Junior High (Basic 7 – 9)​

  • Classroom Teachers: 10

  • Average Experience: 15 years

  • First Degree Holders: 10

  • Average Class Size: 28

  • Maximum Class Size: 33                     


Upper Primary (Basic 4 – 6)

  • Classroom Teachers: 9

  • Average Experience:  10 years

  • First Degree Holders: 6

  • Diplomates: 3

  • Average Class Size: 23

  • Maximum Class Size: 25


Lower Primary (Basic 1 – 3)

  • Classroom Teachers: 7

  • Average Experience:  8 years

  • First Degree Holders: 3

  • Diplomates: 4

  • Average Class Size: 24

  • Maximum Class Size: 27


Preschool (Crèche – Kindergarten)​

  • Classroom Teachers: 5

  • Attendants: 9

  • Average Experience:  8 years

  • First Degree Holders: 2

  • Diplomates: 2

  • Average Class Size: 28

  • Maximum Class Size: 36

Excelling Beyond the Classroom

In 2008, Seth Enti Essoun Jr., a little boy from Bonsuoku – a town about 500 meters from Gomoa Fetteh enrolled at Hope Christian Academy in Primary/Grade 4. In 2013, Seth completed Hope Christian Academy with distinction and enrolled in the University Practice Senior High School. In 2017 he gained admission to study Business Administration at the University of Ghana. His story is exceptional because he is the first person from the Bonsuoku community to enter university. Being the son of the Bonsuoku chief, he is a perfect example to the younger generation of the community. His dream is to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. He has since interned at Hope Christian Academy, assisting the Headteacher in his administrative duties.

Sappah Yahaya joined the Village of Hope family as an orphan from the Northern Region. He started his education at the Academy in Primary/Grade 5. In 2012, he gained admission to Prempeh College after graduating with distinction. Sappah studied Business and continued to Ashesi University College with a Mastercard Foundation scholarship to read Business Administration. Today, Sappah is employed as the Finance Manager of his alma mater – Hope Christian Academy – the very school that helped shape him into the responsible and hardworking young man he is today. His choice to reinvest in the people who nurtured him is truly amazing.

Hope truly exists and this radiates in the lives of so many children who have passed through the doors of Hope Christian Academy, Village of Hope. Our alumni count as of December 2018 is 640.



The Academy started with a preschool in 2002 at a time when education in the township of Fetteh meant children had to stay at home for most days during the rainy season because the classrooms of the public school had no roofs. Today, all the children of Village of Hope from Nursery to Junior High (Grade 9) attend Hope Christian Academy with members of the community who are willing to provide quality education for their wards. Hope Christian Academy was founded to allow young children to have a Christ-centered education. It is wholly owned by Village of Hope – a Christian non-for-profit organization established by the Churches of Christ.


Hope Christian Academy exists to help every child grow in wisdom, in stature and in favour with God and man.



The objectives of Hope Christian Academy are:

  • To educate and train learners especially the disadvantaged without regard to colour, origin, class, creed or religion.

  • To provide educational facilities as a model orphanage educational institution.

  • To train and produce personnel who can offer excellent services to mankind to the glory of God.

  • To provide educational foundations such as Pre-School and Basic School facilities to meet the total personality development needs of learners within and outside Village of Hope Orphanage, in order to prepare them for and propel them into higher institutions of learning.



We at Hope Christian Academy share our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity and strive to apply them in every aspect of school life. In everything we do, we seek to be Christ-like and to do what God would have us do. Thus, we cherish the Pauline view “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”


The motto of Hope Christian Academy “Excel Beyond” carries within it aspects of our mission, vision and objectives. Firstly, we seek to inspire students and staff to excel in all things beyond expectations during one’s lifetime both inside and outside Hope Christian Academy to the glory of God. Secondly, we seek to inspire students and staff to excel beyond this life and this world and glorify God for all eternity.



The following form the core beliefs of Hope Christian Academy:

  • We believe that every student is a child of God, created by Him to live a life of worship and service.

  • We believe that the eternal salvation of each student’s soul is our primary concern.

  • We believe that all students can learn.

  • We believe that the Academy will be most effective when the teachers work in harmony as a team, respect each other and support each other.

  • We believe that in our daily dealings with each other, we must exhibit the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22,23).

  • We believe in the importance and practice of Bible study, prayer and daily worship.


Hope Christian Academy has plans to be completely self-supporting within the next 5 – 10 years. As we continue to discover ways to stand on our own feet and educate pupils holistically, we are still faced with challenges which require the help of well-meaning and generous individuals and groups. Join us to keep making an impact in the lives of many children and families in Gomoa Fetteh and beyond.

Board of Directors of

Hope Christian Academy


John Essel



Naana Lexis Opoku-Agyemang

Broadcast Journalist


Daniel Adjei Ababio

Management Consultant


Thelma Maclean-Apenteng

Investment Banker


Gideon Nana Adjei



Daniel Ofosu-Asamoah

Corporate Communicator


Yvonne Nagai



Dorcas Ekuban-Oppong

Chartered Budget Analyst

Managing Director

Araba Adjei


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