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Join Us to Make a Difference

For over two decades, we have achieved results because of the support of individuals, families, churches, and corporate organizations that believe in the children and our vision. Visits, volunteer projects and donations have helped us rescue, repair, prepare, and propel young people, develop the infrastructure that we need, and reach out to the community that we live in.

You can support the work of Village of Hope in many ways.

Visit Us

Our children love to make new friends and meet those who keep the work going. Do you have a birthday coming up? Why don't you visit one of our campuses and celebrate with the children? Our doors are open to church groups, mission teams, families, corporate organisations, and individuals to spend time on our campuses to make a difference. Mission areas that you could consider include education (including special education), health, evangelism, art, music, and sports.

Learn More About Our Needs

Every dollar raised for Village of Hope is for a purpose that ultimately serves the children, teenagers and patients in our community. Every gift you give towards a specific need goes directly to the project in question. At the moment we need a nursery school building and classroom furniture for Hope Christian School, equipment for the hospital, and donations to rennovate five childrens' homes.

Read About Us

Be a herald of hope by spreading the word about Village of Hope. Here are some ways:

  • Get on our mailing list and share the news and updates you receive.

  • Tell your friends and family to donate to celebrate your birthday or other special event.

  • Do you know foundations that care about what we do? Let us know.

  • Connect with us to speak at your church events and social meetings and gatherings.

Make a Donation

There are regular recurring needs that we must take care of every month in order for work to go on. While the schools and hospitals are operationally self supporting, the children's home and the street program need operational support. In addition, we can never tell when a child is going to get sick and need a major surgery. For this reason, a general donation from you will be put towards our operational expenses.

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