Rescuing. Repairing. Preparing. Propelling.

The Village of Hope Group of Ministries provides services in the areas of child care, health care and education, to bring hope to the most vulnerable members of Ghanaian society. 

Our Mission

Village of Hope exists to save lives and serve humanity. We fulfill our mission through child care, education, evangelism, and healthcare.

Our Vision

To become a not-for-profit group of Christian ministries serving as a leading agency for world evangelization; a world-class organization for childcare; a specialist establishment for healthcare; and a distinguished institution for education from early childhood to university level.

Our Values

The core values of the Village of Hope Group are selflessness, integrity, compassion and loyalty.

Who We Are

The Village of Hope Group comprises the parent ministry, Village of Hope, a not-for-profit organization that was registered with the Registrar-General of Ghana in 1994 as a company limited by guarantee; and six subsidiaries engaged in various aspects of the mission of the ministry – Hope Children’s Village, Hope Training Institute, Hope Christian Hospital, Hope Christian Academy, Church of Christ School and Hope College. Learn more about our history.