Hope Children's Village

Quick Facts

Our Children:

  • 99 in basic school

  • 51 in high school

  • 32 in universities and other tertiary schools

  • 11 in vocational training

Our Programs:

  • Residential child care

  • Non-residential child care

  • Parental assistance

Caring for Children

In a perfect world, the loss of a parent should not be felt by an innocent child because other adults in the family would immediately provide a safe home for the orphaned child. Since we do not live in a perfect world, Hope Children’s Village meets the needs of children who need parenting in order to have stability in their lives.


Since 1996, the work of the married couples who provide foster care the orphaned, needy, abandoned and destitute children has yielded positive results by building up children into adults who contribute to the development of society.


Hope Children's Village is a licensed Residential Home for children which exists to rehabilitate and nurture orphaned and vulnerable children in a holistic manner; by providing lifelong excellent child care services in an enabling environment for their total development. We operate on the principle of the family as the basic socialization unit of a child, and consider the unique natural abilities of each child for their rehabilitation and development. Our children are housed in seven (7) homes with married couples, known as House Parents, caring for them.


From humble beginnings of running only a residential program (8 children), currently Hope Children’s Village runs three main programs. These programs include . There are 99 children under residential care (from kindergarten to junior high school), 140 children under non-residential care (32 are at the tertiary level, 51 are in senior high school and 11 are under vocational training). We are also currently supporting 5 women in our widowhood and family empowerment program.


Over the past 22 years, Hope Children’s Village has been able to care for more than 60 children to become independent. Most of them are working in various institutions in the country in the areas of health, education, banking, law, etc.


The cost of feeding, educating and health care are the major challenges we face as an orphanage. Saying “no” to a child in genuine need is the most difficult and heartrending decision we face; however, if we do not have the funding, then we are unable to care for a child. As an organization that depends solely on donations, we cannot shoulder this huge cost without the support of churches, corporate bodies, individuals, and groups.


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Board of Directors of

Hope Children's Village


Alfred Adade



Isaac Desmond Donkoh



Robert Henry Gyabeng



Andrew Kufour



Nathalia Boakye



Senya Seyena-Susu



Harrison Tete-Donkor

Social Worker


Nelson Aklamanu


Managing Director

Kwaku Sarkodie


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