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Our Ministries

Since February 1996, Village of Hope has been giving hope to Ghanaian children. Our core areas of work are child care, healthcare and education, and we do this through six main ministries. Every day over 1000 lives are impacted in various ways. Our focus is to make a difference in every way.

Hope Children's Village

Hope Children’s Village is where children receive foster care from married couples in our residential homes. In addition, our non-residential care program ensures that families are supported to care for their children. We also assist widows to engage in income-generating ventures to enable them take care of their children. Of our current 205 children, 32 are in universities; 51 are in high school; 99 are in primary and junior high school; 11 are in vocational schools/apprenticeships; and 12 are awaiting entry into tertiary institutions.

Caring for Children in the South

Hope Christian Hospital

Our hospital serves the immediate Village of Hope community, the town of Fetteh, and about 20 other surrounding communities. We offer a range of services in internal medicine, emergency care, dentistry, surgery, eye care, women's and children's health. We also provide 24-hour emergency services. With support from donors, we run free clinics, at least annually, for thousands of under-privileged people in the villages close to the Village of Hope, bringing them closer to the love of Christ in the process.

Healing for Eternity

Hope College

The vision of Hope College is to become a leading secondary-level institution of learning in the world and, therefore, exists to educate students in preparation for a lifetime of character, scholarship, service and leadership to transform their world to impact the world. After being in existence since October 2012, our alumni are in universities in Ghana and elsewhere, and are already giving back to their alma mater in various ways.

A Different Kind of High School

Hope Children's Place

Our newest ministry is a children’s home in Bongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana, where Village of Hope is now tasked with serving the neediest children in the northernmost part of the country.

Caring for Children in the North

Hope Christian Academy

The Academy educates children from crèche to junior high school (9th Grade).  Hope Christian Academy has trained, educated and graduated nearly 650 pupils since 2006. Every year since the first Basic Education Certificate Examination was written at the Academy, there has been 100% passes. Our pupils have gone on to senior high schools all over the country and continued to local and international universities. Our current population is 544 children comprising 330 day students, 115 boarding students and 99 students from the residential children’s home.

Excelling Beyond the Classroom

Hope Training Institute

Our residential program provides vocational skills, counselling, rehabilitation, medical care and family tracing primarily for teenagers who have been living on the street. Training programs available are leatherworks, sewing, hairdressing, auto mechanics and kente-weaving. Out of the training sessions, we produce various items for sale under the label “Off the Street by Village of Hope” as part of our fundraising efforts. Currently, there are 40 street-connected teenagers and disadvantaged youth living on our Ayawaso campus. At the end of training, they receive equipment and seed funding to start their own small businesses.

Training Street-Connected Youth

Hope Ridge School

Up on the Kwahu mountain range, in the town of Nkwatia is our basic school that focuses on providing affordable quality Christian education from preschool to junior high school, in a community where the standard of living is particularly low. With a population of over 300 children, staff work tirelessly to create an environment that ensures a solid foundation for children in a rural setting in order to place them at par with children living in cities with better access to various opportunities and resources.

Bringing Quality Education to Rural Ghana

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