Hope Christian School

Quick Facts

Non-Teaching Staff

  • Administration: 2

  • Drivers: 2

  • Janitor: 1

  • Catering staff: 2

  • Security: 1


Junior High (Basic 7-9)

  • Classroom Teachers: 7

  • Average Experience: 8 years

  • First Degree: 2

  • Diplomates: 4

  • Under Diploma: 1

  • Average Class Size: 10

  • Maximum Class Size: 15

Upper Primary (Basic 4-6)

  • Classroom Teachers: 3

  • Average Experience: 2 years

  • First Degree Holders: 1

  • Diplomates: 2

  • Average Class Size: 21

  • Maximum Class Size: 22


Lower Primary (Basic 1-3)

  • Classroom Teachers: 3

  • Average Experience: 5 years

  • First Degree Holders: 1

  • Diplomates: 2

  • Average Class Size: 32

  • Maximum Class Size: 42

Preschool (Crèche- Kindergarten)

  • Classroom Teachers: 6

  • Attendant: 1

  • Average Experience: 6 years

  • Diplomates: 2

  • Under Diploma: 3

  • Average Class Size: 28

  • Maximum Class Size: 36

Bringing Quality Education to Rural Ghana

Bismark Agyei had the opportunity to be enrolled in Church of Christ School in September, 2009 after the collapse of Plateau Preparatory School at Nkwatia. Though he was in JHS 2 (Grade 8) by then when his original school collapsed, Bismark did not challenge his father’s decision to be admitted into the sixth grade in Church of Christ School which was the highest grade in the school by then. This class demotion as you may call it, didn’t intimidate him. What could have been an excuse for an average thinker to reject his new class was the fact he was placed in the same class with his younger brother. Bismark did the very opposite, he saw his new class as an urge to greater effort because of the high academic standard of his new school and class. He doubled his effort to run shoulders with his classmates. To Bismark, his younger brother, Evans, doing better than him academically would be a great discomfort for him in the house. This notion helped him to be academically focused.

In 2013, Bismark completed Church of Christ School with excellent grades and was admitted into St. Peter’s Senior High School also in Nkwatia. St. Peter’s is one of the top Senior High Schools in Ghana and as such, a preserve for children of influential citizens. Had it not been Bismark’s academic performance, he wouldn’t have been in St. Peter’s. Bismark completed his Senior High School education in 2016 with 6 A’s and 2 B’s. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at the University of Development Studies, Tamale in the Northern part of Ghana.

Bismark has proven to us that knowing what one wants is the first and most important step towards any achievement.


Church of Christ School was established by a visionary Christian, Dr. Douglas Akuamoah Boateng on 16th September, 2003. His intention was to have a private, Christian educational institution aimed at providing quality and character training to learners who will impact our world.

The local church (Abetifi/Nkwatia Church of Christ) was given oversight responsibility of the school.

The school was originally located at Abetifi-Kwahu with the first batch of 69 learners enrolled into Nursery and Kindergarten classes. Out of the total number of pupils enrolled, 38 were in Nursery and 31 were admitted into Kindergarten 1. Classes were held at the basement of the Abetifi Church of Christ auditorium.

In September, 2005, the school was relocated to Nkwatia-Kwahu, its present premises when Elder Dr. Douglas Akuamoa Boateng bought an already built seven unit classroom block and an additional 10.28 acres of land for future expansion.

The school became a subsidiary of Village of Hope in September, 2008 when Elder Dr. Douglas Akuamoah Boateng transferred management and ownership of the school to Village of Hope.


Church of Christ School exists to offer holistic Christian-based education and development to every child for better life and service to God and humanity.


Church of Christ School would be a second-to-none educational provider at the Basic level of education across the African continent by the year 2030.


  • To educate and train all learners regardless of colour, ethnic background, class, creed or religion to harness their unique potentials.

  • To provide spiritual growth to pupils and staff to align with God.

  • To offer excellent services to our clientele within and without Church of Christ School premises.

  • To provide excellent environment congenial to promote academic excellence.

Core Values

The Church of Christ School fraternity upholds our core values of fairness, diligence and virtue. We endeavour to apply these values in every aspect of school operation. In everything we do, we seek to apply the principle of the Golden Rule “do to others what you want them do for you”, and show diligence in whatever we do to the very end, in order to make our hope sure. In our daily interactions, we think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable.


The motto of Church of Christ School is “Godliness, Knowledge and Wisdom. The motto is embedded in our mission, vision, objectives and the core values.


  • We believe every individual has God-given mission on earth.

  • We believe faith in oneself is of primary importance in academic excellence.

  • We belief positive mental attitude brings success in every endeavour of mankind.

  • We believe the greatest accomplishment any man can boast of is to know God and serve Him with every gift one may possess.

  • Genuine wisdom is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence.

Church of Christ School is beset with several challenges ranging from poor infrastructure and high labour mobility. The school is open to donor support from individuals, groups and other foundations interested in providing quality education to children in rural communities.

Board of Directors of

Hope Christian School


Christiana Boahemaa Owiredu



William Gyedu-Asiedu (Dr.)

University Lecturer


Ebenezer Agyemang Badu

University Lecturer


Douglas Michael Boateng



Frank Arku (Prof.)

University Administrator/Lecturer


Daniel Kwame Agyepong



Dorcas Attuah



William Otoo Ayisi


Managing Director

Richmond Twum


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