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Time to Care

A Special Campaign for Village of Hope

“Music comes to me by divine means so I am just striving to give back the divine in myself to the divine in all,” says Constant Boty, Ivorian guitarist, international jazz artist, songwriter, music educator, and multi-talented musician.


It's Time to Care.



This year 2020 has been the most eventful year this generation has ever seen and yet, by God’s grace, the children of Village of Hope are still alive and well. If the year has been a struggle for people with means, it has certainly been a greater struggle for vulnerable children. While we are beginning to see some normalcy coming back to a few countries and locations, economies are yet to recover from the harsh changes that were caused by the new coronavirus. These are truly the times that human beings need to support each other – it is time to care.


For this reason, Constant Boty has partnered with London-based Russian/Polish jazz vocalist, Tamara Raven, and the children of Village of Hope to release Time to Care, a piece of music for our current times. The song’s lyrics, written by a young poet, Dzidzo Johnson, an alumna of Hope Christian Academy, contain a simple message: We all need to join hands and provide care to those who need it the most.

The purpose of Time to Care is to raise funds to purchase desperately needed equipment for Hope Christian Hospital’s newly constructed paediatric wing. What better way to care for abandoned infants, sick toddlers and preterm babies who are the future of this world, than to have the best equipment and facilities in a rural area such as Gomoa-Fetteh where Hope Christian Hospital is the only healthcare facility for tens of thousands of people.


From Destiny Studios in Accra, a group of 12 children from Village of Hope rehearsed with Constant Boty and recorded the backing vocals for Time to Care; from her studio in London, UK, Tamara Raven recorded the lead vocals; Alfred Djarah, sound engineer, produced the final mix; and the mastering was done in France.

Tamara Raven is an award-winning singer and vocal coach who has performed all over the world. Although her career started in opera, she has actively performed jazz pieces and collaborated with many famous artists on the international stage. From the start of his career, Constant Boty has played with several award-winning and top musicians across the globe, produced highly acclaimed compositions, created albums of high quality, and educated many people all over the world about music.


The children of Village of Hope are the most excited about this project because they get to be a part of a compelling message that brings people together to give to a cause that many young lives will benefit from. They are greatly anticipating the release of their song in November 2020. Constant Boty is generously giving all the proceeds of the song to Village of Hope. It’s Time to Care!

Time to Care premieres on YouTube on November 26, 2020 at 13:00 GMT!

It's Time to Care.



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