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The Church of Christ at Village of Hope Celebrates Youth Week

A wise king from long ago wrote; “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth…” It isn’t far-fetched to say these words were quickened at Gomoa Fetteh as the Church of Christ at the Village of Hope, this past Sunday, brought an end to their youth program.

The program dubbed “Living a Youthful Life” was a week-long affair, filled with activities like songs ministration, a lecture, a football game and Bible trivia. Personalities like Mrs. Faustina Asare, the head teacher of the nursery department of Hope Christian Academy and Mr. Kwaku Sarkodie, the Managing Director of Hope Children’s Village, were there to inspire the youth of the congregation, with talks about their life experiences.

Not only was there joy among the youth as a result of the youth week activities, there was also joy in the presence of the angels as a soul was added to the Lord’s church by the end of the program.

Please pray for the youth of this congregation and for the new convert, that she prospers in all things even as her soul prospers.

Joana Mensah being immersed unto the remission of her sins

Mr. Sarkodie and Mrs. Asare during the life experience talk

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