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Hope College Alumni Association Inaugurated

On Saturday, February 23, 2019, alumni of Hope College formally inaugurated their association at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city. Hope College alumni from other universities attended the program to share their solidarity with the KNUST students. Interestingly, students from various universities in Accra hired a bus and travelled for four hours (one way) to witness the occasion.

Alumni of Hope College with Invited Guests, Headmaster, Patron, and Chairperson for Inauguration of Alumni Association

The chairperson for the occasion was Fred Asare, the first headmaster of Hope College. The guest speaker was Obed Addai of the Oforikrom church of Christ in Kumasi. The special guest of honor was Dr. Wisdom Mprah, a deaf lecturer at the Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation Studies of KNUST. He became extremely pleased when he learnt that the alumni of Hope College at KNUST had studied sign language at the college and so all of them knew sign language and could sign at various levels of proficiency. Also present was Mikhail Agyemang, a former teacher at Hope College who left his teaching appointment at the college to pursue a Master of Science degree in Chemistry. While studying for his master’s degree at KNUST, he became a mentor and father-figure to many of the alumni because he had taught them while they were high school students at Hope College. He was very instrumental in bringing them together to form the alumni association and serves as the association’s patron.

During the occasion, the executive members of the association were inducted into office. With this event, it is hoped that alumni association chapters will be formed in various tertiary institutions and cities in Ghana in the near future. The pioneering class of Hope College graduated from the school in May 2015. To date, a total of 362 students have graduated from Hope College.

Invited Guests & Patron Cut Association Launch Cake

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