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Celebrating 25 Years of Saving Lives and Serving Humanity

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

To kick off the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Village of Hope amidst restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, what should have been a gathering of the entire Village of Hope family in one location was broken down into six smaller gatherings, happening concurrently, at Fetteh, Ayawaso and Nkwatia.

At the Fetteh campus which is our largest, staff and students of Hope College gathered at Hackmann Hall; staff and students of Hope Christian Academy gathered at Smith Hall; staff and patients of Hope Christian Hospital gathered at the Andrea Browning Building; and staff of Hope Children’s Village joined administrative and ancillary staff of Village of Hope on the lawn in front of the Ecobank Building. Similar gatherings were held at Ayawaso and Nkwatia. In order for all of us to feel connected even though physically apart, each campus was connected virtually so we would all see our colleagues and children across the entire Village of Hope.

In order to make the day special, there was cake for everyone and all the children got to have drinks and extra chicken with their lunch for that day. It was a short ceremony where a message from our Group Managing Director, Fred Asare, was heard by all and the plans for the rest of the year were communicated to staff and the general public.

The Group Managing Director delivering anniversary speech

Our goal in this celebration of 25 years is to share information about Village of Hope across the length and breadth of Ghana and beyond. As the year progresses, we will highlight the work of each subsidiary ministry of Village of Hope across social media and local print and broadcast media. At the end of 2021, God-willing, we will celebrate with a thanksgiving service to praise and thank God for His blessings on Village of Hope over a quarter of a century.

We cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are to all our supporters and donors who have made sure that children have seen and experienced God’s love. Thank you all.

GMD's Speech
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Anniversary celebration within the subsidiaries of Village of Hope

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