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For many years, the care of children at the Village of Hope has not included many babies. There have been a few babies who have passed through in transition to an adoptive family but, generally, our facilities and available human resource have not enabled us to admit babies. With the partnership of Dreams for Orphans (DFO) in 2013, however, the situation stood to change. This is because DFO funded the construction of a pediatric unit for Hope Christian Hospital, which included a separate wing designed specifically for the care for abandoned destitute babies, infants, and toddlers. With the help of many supporters, we were able to equip this home to the point where we could employ caregivers/nannies and begin admitting children.

First baby arrives at the Babies' Home.

The first baby to arrive was a girl. At one day old, this helpless child was abandoned in a shallow pit in a farm, covered only with palm fronds. She was found by a farmer. The next child to arrive was a one-year-old boy who was found by a fire service officer who heard a frail cry coming from the bushes along a footpath. Not too long after our one-year-old boy arrived, we were called by the Department of Social Welfare about the admission of yet another child. It was becoming apparent that the need for a babies’ home in our region was great. This third child was a lively 18-month-old girl. Thankfully, she had not been completely abandoned; however, her safety was at great risk. Our fourth baby arrived at just about one week old. In the early hours of October 27, a report was made to the staff of a radio station that a baby had been found in front of a store in the community. The person at the radio station who was informed, followed up and confirmed the story. He arranged for the child to be sent to hospital and made a report to the police and the Department of Social Welfare who took up the case. When the child was discharged from hospital, he was brought to our babies’ home.

Nurses at Hope Christian Hospital examine new baby.

Baby Number Five was abandoned the very minute he entered this world with umbilical cord uncut and blood all over his body at the entrance of the toilet facility where he had been born. His shrill cry for help at about 1 AM that dark night attracted the attention of someone in the neighborhood who, upon siting the abandoned baby, shouted for help. This brought the people in the nearby houses around, resulting in his rescue.

The first point of call was the police station where the rescuers reported the matter. Next, he was sent to a clinic in the community where the umbilical cord was cut. In spite of the trauma he had been through, he was declared healthy. All efforts by the Department of Social Welfare to trace the biological mother of the newborn proved futile so, in the best interest of the child, officials of the Department of Social Welfare brought him to Village of Hope.

The babies’ home ensures that every abandoned baby who is admitted receives the maximum care he or she may need. Its location next to the pediatric unit of Hope Christian Hospital enables the medical staff to also provide a full range of medical care that any baby admitted to the home may need.

We are glad to report that this baby and all others are doing well.

We have the capacity to care for 20 babies and the Department of Social Welfare tells us that more babies will be coming to our home. We have to employ caregivers; purchase baby formula; provide pediatric care; provide babies’ clothing; have cleaning and sterilizing materials; buy quilts, blankets, bedsheets, toys and other items for the care of babies.

Without donations, it is difficult to afford all these things. Kindly donate to support the care of these babies.

Fifth baby arrives at the Babies' Home.

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